“Peter Zunder, born in Klagenfurt in 1987, has been painting excessively for 15 years until he felt ready to show his works more publicly.

Over the years he has explored many different techniques of painting, mediums and surfaces. The use of the back of the primed canvas is a characteristic of his work.

He uses different motifes for expression.

His "tree" series is all about the forest and (foremost) trees itself, the structure of the bark and the incident light.

The „people“ series, in which he portraits daily scenes of live, only on second glance unveil familiar images and ironic jokes with a wink.

Peter´s recent, highly energetic „streaks“ series have been some of his most powerful works to date.


In the STREAKS series, the artist focuses on the brushstroke.

The seeming simplicity of the work contrasts with a complex process of texture of the color, which has meanwhile become a science of its own for the artist.

Many factors have to be right in the color in order to depict even the individual brush hairs of the stroke.

Nevertheless, in his series he brings the simple brushstroke into a new dimension, complex structures that are mostly reminiscent of calligraphy.

To a certain extent, the series freezes the line and preserves its strength and texture for eternity. 


His paintings have been ever evolving and progressing while still keeping their unique touch.”




-in Art we trust-