b.1987, Klagenfurt, AUSTRIA

In the beginning there was a badly cleaned window....... Among other things, the STREAKS picture series is about creating a room in a reduced form. A space that exerts a certain contemplative and calming, but also inspiring effect on the viewer. This type of abstraction has a certain timelessness. The work is created immediately at the moment of execution, each stroke is driven and influenced by temporary emotions and the energy of the moment. A very spontaneous and perhaps also vulnerable way of building the image. The preparation of the paint takes up a considerable part of the work, various pigments of different transparency are matured over several weeks. Until the color meets the painterly demands. It is a game of transparency and opaque pigments that end up with the characteristic line. The work reflects elements of street art and a calligraphic aesthetic. Each image has an effect on the viewer, both individual and metaphysical.
"The immediate sensual impression is superior to the language"


With the leaves series, floral motifs are created in a minimalist context.....reduced to the essential..... Leaf shapes and shadows that evoke a certain timelessness and nostalgia in the viewer.


The transformation of sculptural shards, dead branches, cones and tree bark into an energetic sculpture. The metamorphosis from organic to metallic. All four elements are incorporated into the manufacturing process. The fifth element is named as ether, the quintessence or the artistic spirit. The focus is clearly on a certain imperfection. The transience as a creative drive, the natural restlessness became the guide. Each of the sculptures is unique.


in ART we trust....





16-19 JAN. 2020       ART - INNSBRUCK 


22-27 SEP. 2020       PARALLEL VIENNA

22-26 APR. 2021      ART EXPO NEW YORK CITY

21-26 SEP.2021        PARALLEL VIENNA




06-11 SEP.2022        PARALLEL VIENNA




06-10 SEP.2023        PARALLEL VIENNA